Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Nursery update: back in Spain

Last Friday we made it back to Spain without any major problems. The only issue we had was being the last people off the plane in Madrid and being left on the tarmac for a while in the heat and sun while a bus came took a load of passengers to the terminal and came back for us. At least we got some cool pictures outside the plane.

As exhausted as we were, we had our niece Eva's baptism the next day in the afternoon. I may have mentioned this before but baptisms tend to be a pretty big deal here in Spain. It was nice to see all of Jose's family again and I know they liked seeing the girls. We went to the mass and then all had dinner together.

Since then we have been working on unpacking our suitcases (we brought back four!!) and getting our lives reorganized. The girls are on a different schedule so we are trying to adjust but more on that in their six month update.

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We bought a few new things for their nursery while in the States and put the second crib in there for them to be able to finally sleep in two different cribs and in their own room. They did so for the first time last night and it was a success. I am posting a few pictures below of how it looks now more complete.

Here is the corner where the cribs are in an L shape. I am going to have to figure out a way to hook them together because I have recently seen an article about a twin who was trying to climb to his sibling's crib and got stuck between them. I know that someday we will wake up to find both girls in one crib. It's just a matter of when. We also added new photos on the shelves above.

Not much has changed at this angle.

Here you can see the changing table where we have finally gotten a cover. 

Here you can see part of the reason why we had four suitcases to bring back. We got a lot of books while we were back home.

So there you have it. Now both girls are crying so I have to go!

Monday, August 8, 2016

GAGME 2016: Grand Rapids

My family likes a theme, I mean we take it seriously. Our family weekend getaway would be no different as you might imagine. This year we took GAGME (the Garber annual gathering: Michigan edition) on the road but not very far. We just drove up to Grand Rapids after having considered Mackinaw and the Upper Peninsula (not exactly baby friendly as we decided). You can read about our original GAGME vacation to Washington D.C. here.

Our first day was a camouflage  themed. Everyone wore something with camo and the grand-girlies were matching with outfits that could only be found at Walmart. It was adorable and gross at the same time, pink and camo. We all drove up to Grand Rapids and met at Founder's brewery where we had lunch. We then headed over to our hotel and went to the pool before going out to eat together downtown for dinner.

On day two, Saturday, we went to the Grand Rapids Public museum which was right by our hotel. I thought it was pretty cool. It was organized by letters of the alphabet so that each exhibit or display corresponded to something that was in the collection. For example, 'h' for hats or 'o' for oddities. They also had a new exhibit of robotic animals which was a big attraction for all the kids for whom I would say the museum was more suited.

One of the must-see things at that museum is the big, indoor carousel which Daphne had to ride with my dad. I felt bad for the guy selling the tickets since he had to listen to the same music on repeat all day but he told me that he only had to do it a few times a month. They must rotate that job to keep their sanity. I also liked that both the museum as well as the city had lots of places to take selfies and pictures with hashtags posted around to share your experience with others. One of my favorites was the carouselfie or the one we took on the blue bridge. It was a great way to promote the city!

After visiting the museum we went to Grand Rapids Brewery for lunch and a beer. I was kind of surprised by how kid friendly the breweries ended up being. We had no problem getting not only our big group accommodated but also having four children ranging in age from infants to Daphne who is four.

Our theme for day two was superheroes as you may have noticed in the pictures. We decided on this one because we ended up going to the Grand Rapids Whitecaps game that evening to celebrate superhero night. I didn't last long at the game with the babies but everyone else stayed much longer.

Day three's theme was GAGME which is just wearing our green t-shirts that had been made for D.C. We met up for lunch and everyone ended up going their own way. 

Grand Rapids is a great place. In fact, if I were still living here in Michigan I would consider moving there. It is a biggish city with a lot to do, both for kids and adults. Plus you can't beat the beer scene. We ended up going to five different breweries while we were there (not just over the weekend since Jose and I stayed with the girls at my sister's house for a few more days after everyone went home). Katie lives in Grand Rapids and served a bit as our tour guide. We also got to finally see her new house, which I loved!

All in all it was a successful family trip. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Laura and Vera: Five month update

You guys! It's already been five months since Vera and Laura were born. And they have already become international travelers! Below you can find their other monthly updates if you are curious to see how things have changed.

One month update
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Four month update

We spent the first half of the month back in Spain basically saying goodbye to friends and family and getting prepared both physically and mentally for our trip. We finally flew out on the 19th of July and the girls did great (which was a pleasant surprise for me since I had been dreading our trip). We arrived without any big problems and I wrote a blog about traveling with twin infants that you can check out here.

Before we left Spain we were able to spend a weekend in Jose's family's hometown where we attended his cousin's baptism. Baptisms are a big deal in Spain as they are an important right of passage. We are planning the babies' baptism for September when we are back home. Jose is also going to be godfather to our niece Eva who will have her ceremony the day after we arrive back in Spain. I am hoping we aren't too jetlagged! Besides being able to celebrate with Jose's cousin Marta, we got to say goodbye to all his aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins before leaving for the summer. It was a fun time and I think everyone enjoyed being with the babies.

The weekend after we arrived here in Michigan we had a come meet the babies party at my sister Chrissie's beautiful new house. A lot of family and friends came to see Laura and Vera. I wrote about the party here. Then we spent another couple days with her and our niece Caroline. She is adorable! We have all girl granddaughters both in my family and in Jose's so far. It's so sweet to see them all together and to imagine what it will be like as they get older.

We really have just been hanging out at my parents' house at the lake. I can't believe how hot it is! I feel as if we aren't even able to enjoy being outside since I don't want the girls to be too hot or to go inside and out of the A/C too much.

This past weekend we headed up to Grand Rapids with all my sisters, spouses, nieces and my parents. We toured the city a bit, went to quite a few breweries and just hung out in general in our themed family reunion which we call GAGME. I will write another post about it soon. Jose and I stayed another few days at my sister Katie's house after everyone else went home.

The girls are being spoiled. I am nervous as to how they will act when we are back in Spain and there aren't people to constantly fawn over them and carry them around. They are getting bigger each week and are almost sleeping through the night. Laura continues to smile and be happy all the time. Vera is still grumpier and LOVES to be held. When she does smile she has the cutest dimple only on one side. People fall in love with them no matter where we go. They charm everyone.

We still have about three weeks left of our visit and have a lot of plans. This weekend I am headed up north to spend time with my aunts. Then we have people visiting and I am hoping that it cools off a bit. Overall everything has been really great with our visit.