Wednesday, February 1, 2017

11 month baby update

I know I have just recently posted two blog entries that pretty much sum up our last month but for posterity I am going to include this one as well for the girls' 11 month update. As always, you can check out past monthly updates either in the blog archive or by clicking on the monthly update label found on the left side of the page.

This month started out great! We celebrated the Vera and Laura's first Christmas and were off work until the 9th which was nice. My mom was here to visit for a week and Jose's sister and our niece were also in town from France. I would never have guessed how tough things would get, especially considering that the month of December had been relatively easy in terms of the girls' health. 

I won't go into all the details of Laura's hospital stay since I wrote an entire blog post about it which you can check out but basically we spent two weeks of the month being sick and away from home. Vera spent that time with my in-laws where she was totally spoiled and loved every second of it.

We finally came home last Friday and this marks my first week off of work since Laura can no longer go to daycare. It's been a few days and so far, so good. I honestly think having the two babies helps to make things a little less boring since there are double the things to do. I am planning on writing a blog about our typical day soon, when we have our routine established. I am excited to have found a baby music class and another one in English that we will be trying out in the next few weeks. Plus I am continuing with my private classes in the evenings when Jose gets home from work so hopefully I won't get too bored.

Vera continues to be way more mobile than Laura. She still isn't exactly crawling but she can move around quite well and has gained the ability to go from lying down to sitting up. We find her most mornings now sitting up in her crib (which we lowered this month) and babbling. One of the many things that I love about Vera is that she always wakes up with a smile. Her toothy grin (she now has four big teeth) is adorable. She has been practicing pulling herself up to stand and really likes it when one of us stands her up. Vera is still bullying her sister a bit but Laura has started to defend herself more which makes Vera cry quite dramatically. Just today Laura hit her when she took something away and since I was sitting and playing with them I saw that it wasn't a hard hit, more like a tap. You would have thought that Laura had punched her full on in the face by the way that Vera sobbed. They were definitely crocodile tears. Vera is still also putting consonant and vowel sounds together but not forming words yet. She will say ma ma ma ma ma but I don't think she is referring to me. Bummer.

Laura still doesn't seem interested in getting moving and when I asked her pediatrician about it at our check up this week he didn't seem concerned. We will keep an eye on it. She still loves sitting while surrounded by her toys and is much better than her sister at feeding herself with her fingers. Laura also has four big teeth and one more coming in on the bottom. Her front two top teeth look as if there will be a gap between them, as my mom calls it, the Garber gap. Her hair is getting quite long and I am considering taking her somewhere for a cut even though it breaks my heart. It's just that some days she looks like Justin Beiber with her hair in her face. Everyone at the hospital fell in love with Laura and how could you not? She's beautiful and so sweet. I am so happy that she is feeling better.

Both girls are now eating all kinds of foods but they especially love having bananas, digestive cookies and Vera really likes yogurt. Cooper has discovered that lots of things tend to fall to the ground while they eat in their high chairs so he is usually found circling around like a shark. 

We have started to plan for their first birthday which I can't believe is in just a month's time. We have already decided that we are getting them flamenca dresses for their gifts and I ordered them from a seamstress last week. I can't wait to see how they turn out.